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Monthly Wrap Up: September 2021

Everyone congratulate me! I somehow survived one whole month of IB Diploma. It seems like such a huge achievement although there’s many, many more months to go. And it’s only going to get more stressful from here. But I’ve already had a couple of tests, etc and they went pretty well too! So I’m happy…for now.

Reading-wise, this month was pretty good, I read some absolutely wonderful books, including one that I’m now obsessed with. I’ve decided to add a new segment to these wrap up posts. Instead of just talking about the books I read, I’ll talk about more, including stuff about my life in general that might’ve happened during the month. If you guys don’t want this, let me know! I don’t want to blab about things no one wants to know about🙊

This month, I read 14 books. My favorite was undoubtedly When Heroes Fall and When Villains Rise although my ARC of A Lock of Death comes a close second.

I only bought 6 books this month:( Tragic, I know. But as I type this, I’m already tapping “Add to Cart” for more books that should be here soon enough, and will count in October’s Book Haul. The book haul is below and I bought all of them except Frosted by MC Frank, which she sent to me herself because I’m her rep on instagram (I’m so in love with some of her books).

Books in the photo: Twisted Pride- Cora Reilly, Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating- Christina Lauren, Maybe Someday- Colleen Hoover, People We Meet on Vacation- Emily Henry, The Hating Game- Sally Thorne, Red, White & Royal Blue- Casey McQuiston
Book in the photo: Frosted by MC Frank

So, a couple of things happened this month, bookish and non-bookish. I thought I’d just share them since I heard somewhere that people like knowing about the lives of the bloggers they follow. We’ll start off with the bookish first, of course.


  • I got an internship with Entangled Publishing!! This one made me so happy. I wasn’t really expecting to get it but when I got the email from them, I was over the moon.
  • So far, I’ve got a list of authors written down whose ARC teams I’d love to be a part of but I haven’t even filled in their forms yet or contacted them yet. Out of the ones I have, I was a part of Beena Khan’s and Tanya Bird’s teams. I became a part of Catherine Wiltcher’s team last month. And this month, I became a part of Bree Porter’s and Adriana Brinne’s teams!! If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’m utterly obsessed with Bree Porter.
  • I’m also now a part of Catherine WIltcher’s Beta Team. (I was shocked too) And I know a lot of these things are really tiny but they meant the world to me.
  • I made some progress in my writing. I think the reason I haven’t been able to write a lot is that I don’t particularly love my writing? So instead of plowing forward, I keep going back to change things.


  • I started my own club in school. It’s a law themed club and I’m so excited to already be running it.
  • I became the Head of Public Relations for another club in school.
  • I’m in the U19 Girls Football Team for this year. (I was in the U16s pre-covid)
  • College research, planning, preparation has been in full swing. And I’m so excited. It’s so surreal to think that exactly 2 years from now, I’ll already be in, and have started college.
  • I switched to Spanish as my second language in school and may I just say, I think I’m doing really well?? I joined after other kids (aka this week) and I’ve only had 2-3 classes so far and my teacher said my pronunciation is amazing, so that should count for something right?
  • After 2 whole years, I went to the theaters this month. Once it was incredibly impulsive, I was getting back from a class and begged my mom to do something impulsive since she’s a planner so we ended up watching a movie and the second time was planned and we saw an amazing movie called “Reminiscence”. It felt amazing to watch a movie in the theatre again.

I think that’s all. I’m confident there’s more that happened this month that I just can’t remember to write right now. Oops.

How was September for you?? Summer ended, so was going back to school/college/office good for you? Or did you dread it as much as I did?

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