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ARC Review: Of Violent Lineage by Bree Porter

Title: Of Violent Lineage

Series: The Vigliano Underworld #1

Author: Bree Porter

Release Date: September 20th, 2021

Page Length: 274 Pages

Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Mafia

Age Range: NA/A

Rating: 5/5 Stars ⭐️

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Thank you to the author for sending me an ARC as part of her team in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

“My heart, if anyone in this world is going to kill you, it’s going to be me…”

After destroying the Lombardi family and rising to power as one of the infamous Mob Bosses of New York City, Giovanni Vigliano has finally achieved all his goals. But his territory is threatened by the traditional families he reigns over and they will only be satisfied one way: If Giovanni takes Isabella Lombardi, daughter of his enemy, as his wife.

A pawn to her family and new husband, Isabella is caught up in a deadly game of chess, where one wrong move could end with her being permanently removed from the board. Determined to avenge her family, Isabella begins to spy on the Vigliano family…only to find herself falling in love with its members.

However, the Vigliano’s enemies strike from the shadows and aim for those closest to her. To protect everything she holds dear, Isabella will go to ends she never thought herself capable of…and prove once and for all that she is of violent lineage.

Is it even a surprise at this point that I’m rating a Bree Porter book 5 stars?

Of Violent Lineage is the first book in Bree’s Vigliano Underworld series as well as the beginning to Isabella and Giovanni’s story. I knew I would fall in love with this book when Bree first announced it, I just didn’t realize how much. 

Isabella was a fantastic MC. She’s always been second for everything in her life. Second daughter, she was named after her own sister. Second mother, she became the stepmother to Marzia. And Second wife. She had such a fierce personality, she was strong, ambitious and never backed down from what she wanted. The fact that she wore her emotions (or heart, as the saying goes) on her sleeve, just added to her appeal even more. 

And where do I even begin with Giovanni? He’s the new love of my life. First of all, he has blue eyes. I’m WEAK for blue eyes. And he’s ruthless and seems numb, even if he’s not. He’s got the whole poker face thing down to a T. And a jealous Giovanni is a sign to behold. 

The relationship between Giovanni and Isabella developed slowly but you could feel the chemistry between them from the very beginning and I loved how it grew. And talking about Marzia and Isabella’s relationship is just going to make me cry because it’s just too cute. Every single one of their scenes together were adorable, especially how Isabella came to care for her, like she was her own daughter. The 3 of them were so cute as a family, my heart melted. 

That cliffhanger at the end was absolutely CRUEL. I’m dying for the next book and I have absolutely zero information on it yet which means it’s going to be a long time before I can get it’s ARC.

All in all, Of Violent Lineage is definitely one of my top reads for this year and everyone needs to read it.🥂

Bree Porter came screaming into the world on Valentine’s Day, so she never had any choice but to be addicted to romance. Now she spends her day swooning over mafia romance and sexy capos, while conveniently ignoring her university assignment deadlines. 

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