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Monthly Wrap Up: August 2021

Yet another month is gone. I feel like I’m just breezing through life at this point, time passes by so fast. Summer break is over and school’s already started (I’ve only been going for like 3 days and I don’t hate it as much as I thought I would but I do miss Summer.)

Lots of people who follow my instagram know that I’ve been writing for a few months now. I have way too many plots in my head and too little time so I decided to focus on one book at a time while every new idea I get, I write it down so I don’t forget it. Something that made me really happy this month was being able to write a lot. It’s a slower progress than I’d like because of college prep, sat prep and just preparing for Year 12 but at least I was able to get a little done. I’m focusing on one book but I have more than 10 planned (Feel free to ask me more about them if you want, in the comments or on social media since I don’t want to bore anyone with over sharing about the books although I’m incredibly excited!)

I read a total of 31 books this month!! That’s probably a record, if I’ve ever seen one. I loved almost every single one of these although The Sinner is definitely my favorite. I waited so long for it and it was so worth the wait. I also loved A Kiss of Venom by Beena.From the day I found out about it, I’d been dying to read it and once I knew I would get the ARC, I was desperately waiting (very impatiently, might I add) for it to land in my mail. I finished it so quickly and it’s definitely worth the hype. These 2 are the newer books on this list but other than them, I started Adrienne Lecter’s Green Field series, and it’s hands down one of the best I’ve ever read. I’m so so so obsessed. The romance isn’t my typical type of romance but I still like it?? (I’m shocked that I do, if im being honest) But this series is seriously so good.

Books in the photo: Then She Was Gone-Lisa Jewell, You’d Be Mine- Erin Hahn, Archer’s Voice- Mia Sheridan, Crescendo- Becca Fitzpatrick, The Lake- Natasha Preston, The Maddest Obsession- Danielle Lori, Swan Song of My Era- Elsie Swain (a gift from the wonderful author), The Arrangement- Bethany-Kris, Fragile Union- Brooke Summers, Sugar & Gold- Emma Scott and Full Tilt- Emma Scott.

After not going to a bookstore for months, I’d gone out to watch a movie with my mom and when I passed a bookstore, I couldn’t resist going in so I ended up buying The Lake, Crescendo and Then She Was Gone. The rest I ordered from Amazon. (I have a monthly limit to spend, sort of like pocket money, and I almost always end up spending it all on books so I buy those from Amazon every month.)

I think I should do these wrap up posts every month and add more to them (maybe personal things in the month too) but for now, this is all I have! Let me know how August was for you?? Did you do anything special?

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