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Duet Announcement! (+Giveaway)

Hi everyone! This one’s a very, very short post, I’m just helping out one of my favorite authors! (Which is a big feat considering she only has 2 books so far, with many more planned of course.)

Adriana Brinne’s first debut duet (Andrea: The Beginning and Lucan: The End) is now live and free in Kindle Unlimited (Paperbacks are live too!) and to celebrate this, she wants to giveaway both the books signed along with merch to one lucky winner!

Andrea on Goodreads:

Lucan on Goodreads:

Personal Opinion: This duet is one of my favorite mafia themed duets as of late. A lot of mafia books have a similar story line with minor changes (that doesn’t stop me from liking them of course) but this duet was so incredibly original, the characters are so intriguing (I can’t wait for all their books) and the romance is explosive. I would recommend this book to literally everyone so please go read it now if you haven’t and enter the giveaway!

How to enter the giveaway:

🦋Follow Adriana on Instagram:

✨Add Unholy Night (her upcoming book) to Goodreads:

Extra Entry:

Join her Reader Group (Unholy Ground) on Facebook:

Comment below to let us know you’ve done it (Screenshots can count as entries). Adriana is solely responsible for this giveaway, it is open internationally and the winner will be chosen in a week!

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