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Review: Love Song by Faye Madden (Blog Tour)

Title: Love Song

Author: Faye Madden

Publisher: Marinablu International Limited

Release Date: August 9th, 2021

Page Length: 192 Pages

Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Rating: 4/5 Stars ⭐️

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Catherine is a driven woman who has it all. Success, money and fame. She’s at the top of her game as a guitar/piano playing singer/songwriter based in Nashville. Supported and encouraged by her grandmother who teaches music and who raised her as an orphan, she had only one ambition in her life, to make it as a music star. But success has come at a price, and that price is loneliness.

It’s only when she returns to the small coastal town in Maine of Bluff Bay where she was raised on the death of her beloved grandmother, she realizes how much she has changed and to question whether her success has been worth it?   

Reunited with her friend Max she discovers he has been carrying a torch for her since childhood.  But can she give up her life for love? Does she find the happiness she now seeks? And can Max find the words he is desperate to say? 

I think almost everyone knows by now how much I love music and musician themed romances. Love Song was all that, but in the form of a sweet romance, which is what Faye Madden is known for.

Catherine has everything she wants in life and is living her dream of being a singer-songwriter. The one thing she hadn’t anticipated in her dream was that the success would mean she’s lonely. She’s an orphan who was raised by her grandmother who always encouraged her passion and a phone call telling her her grandmother has passed away, changes everything for her.

Love Song is Catherine’s journey of going back to her hometown for the funeral, reconnecting with old friends-like her childhood best friend Max who has always liked her-and wondering whether paying the cost of loneliness in exchange for fame and success is really worth it all.

This was an interesting read to delve into and a relatively short one at that so it was a quick and fast paced read. The characters were quite likable despite being a little basic and predictable and the story flowed quite well. Although this was a musician romance, it wasn’t like the usual ones I read but it was still really good and the main reason I gave it a 4 is because it’s a bit clichéd. We have our usual female MC who comes from a small town, has big dreams and achieves them but then realizes what the life is truly like and how lonely it is. There wasn’t a lot that was very original about the story.

However, if you like sweet romances (and musician themed romances) that have a little bit of angst in them and some cute interactions, this book is for you:)

Faye Madden believes she is one of the lucky ones, because for her it was love at first sight. It is the moment of that first shy glance, when you know he or she is the one, your soulmate, lover and friend for the rest of your life. It is one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of the universe that two people make the biggest decision of their lives on a single look, guided only by the omnipotent hand of destiny. 

Since that chance meeting with her wonderful husband David, she has raised a family, and now the children have flown the nest. She has the time to write, which is her second love. 

All of her novels are sweet and wholesome, and through her richly crafted characters she explores all the heartache, pain, yet ultimately joyous happiness love brings, however that journey may unfold. Many of her novels explore this through the prism of a second chance romance, whilst others focus on love lost and found, or in unrequited love. 

She shares a love of the outdoors with her husband, and together they can be found either sailing on one of the lakes near their home or trekking through the pine forests on horseback. And in the summer like a pair of snowbirds they love to holiday in pretty coastal towns with their beloved dogs, and where many of her novels are set.    

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