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It’s my birthday!! (Facts about me + Recs of books that will forever hold a special place in my heart)

Hey there, so it was my birthday a couple days ago (3rd July) and i’ve been blogging for a couple of months now and school got so stressful around the time I started so I hadn’t had time for a lot other than blog tours and reviews but that’s going to change now!! I thought I’d do like a blogger version of meet the bookstagrammer and also talk about some books that mean the world to me. And before you ask why I’d talk about books on my birthday, it should already be very obvious that I probably wouldn’t survive life without them, they help me get through the day and my ultimate birthday gift would probably be a contract from my parents saying I can buy how many ever books I want, whenever I want, forever.

Unfortunately, the contract wasn’t one of my birthday gifts lol although I did get a total of 16 books from my parents, aunt and grandmom. Plus I got a new phone and a friend of mine got one of my favorite authors to write a personalized note from 2 of my favorite characters of hers (I almost cried) I also finally got a dog, which is something I’ve wanted since I was in the second grade. He’s an adorable 2.5 months old Golden Retriever and I named him Milo 🥺 Anyway! Onto this post.

  • I wanted to have a pen name for myself so I chose Lily, short for Lilith which is what I named myself on Instagram recently along with one of my favorite character’s surnames as mine and while Lily always stays the same, the surname changes often 😂 It’s Lily Wild at the moment but it was Lily Falcone before this.
  • My favorite color is black, with blue and purple being a close second. And for some reason, I despise the color pink.
  • I’m a writer I guess (It feels weird saying it lol since I haven’t published or anything but I write all the time) and I’ve had ideas for 7 books in my head for a while and I’ve already started writing 2 while I’m still planning for the rest. (!!)
  • I’ve never had chicken pox or broken a bone or done any of the stupid stuff kids do. However, I did go to gymnastics lessons as a kid and one day after lessons, I was exhausted and yet so happy I’d done a handstand that day that I wanted to do it at home too. So despite my dad telling me not to, I tried doing them on the bed as soon as my dad left the room and the next thing I know, I’m suspended in the air for about five seconds in position before I fall the other side. I hit my arm on the wall/built-in closet’s door so badly and it sprained. I didn’t tell anyone for a while until my mom figured it out on her own and I HAD TO tell her what happened. 😂
  • I’ve always wanted to go to boarding school (I can still go for a year or so!!) but my mom wouldn’t let me because apparently if i go, it lessens the number of years she gets to keep me with her before I go to college.
  • I’m a vegetarian and the very few times I’ve had non veg by mistake, I freaked out and ran around the house panicking about it oops.
  • I’m an INCREDIBLY fast reader and if I’m not focusing on school, you’re most likely to find me with my nose in a book, writing a book, blogging or maladaptive daydreaming.


“Love is the hardest thing we’ll ever have to do because love, as miraculous and wonderful as it is, is also cursed and soul-breaking. Because of love, life is a war of moments and time and bargaining for more of everything.”

It hasn’t been long since I first read this book but it almost instantly meant so much to me. The synopsis was rightfully vague and I get curious by things easily and once that starts, I HAVE TO satisfy the curiosity so I started this book. I can’t explain in mere words how much it impacted me. I loved the characters despite their flaws and stupid decisions. I loved the story because it was unlike anything I’d ever read before. The author’s writing makes you FEEL so much and it’s impossible not to like this book and root for them. It’s a story about love, loss, friendship, family and life. It was such a raw and emotional story. I cry over books often, everyone knows that. But there’s only a couple, I remember them by name, that truly made me bawl my eyes out and this easily topped that list. It has everything you could want in a book. It was happy, sad, emotional, heartbreaking and so much more. Ever since I read it, I’ve begged more people to do it too and it’s so underrated, I just NEED more people to read it and feel everything this book has to give.


“From the memory of that morning in the hospital that was the best and the worst, because the day I knew I loved Violet was also the day I let her go.”

By now, everyone should know how much I love Emma Scott and her books. I talk about this one the most though, because I love it the most. It’s the first book I ever read by her and i don’t know how I survived before this. This book will always have a special place in my heart. The storyline was absolutely wonderful and the title makes so much sense. Every girl out there (I think) wants someone to love them like Miller loved Violet, the passionate, never ending type of love where you’d do anything for the other. Every girl wants to be the girl in the love song. To have someone who knows you so well, they could write songs about you. Someone who loves you so much, the express it that way because it can’t be contained. And that’s exactly what it was like between Miller and Violet. I cried for them, I laughed with them, I smiled with them, and I rooted for them throughout the book. It’s one of the first Friends-to-Lovers romances I’d ever read and no other such typical friends to lovers romance could ever compare to it, I will ALWAYS love this more and re-read it countless times.


“He had given his physical self over to her months earlier. That afternoon, in a coil of sheets, he shared his mind, in its darkest form. She listened as he spoke, as he cried, heart bleeding for him but face poised. Pity would have destroyed him at that moment, and she wanted him to share every broken piece of himself. She felt powerless, unable to help or heal him.”

This book means a lot to me, it’s the one that got me into Historical Romance and yet I haven’t been able to read any historical romance that wasn’t written by Tanya Bird because none of the others could even come close to this one. This series was so refreshing for me. I loved everything about it, the politics of the world, the situations the characters were in and everything else. No one can write historical romance like Tanya Bird can and she’s written a total of 7 by my count, and I’ve read every single one of them but The Royal Companion started my obsession with them. It’s so perfectly crafted and starts the foundation for that world.


“It was a word… a concept. And it was dangerous, infecting one person to another with little contact. Once you got it, it was hard to get rid of. It sank into you, affecting every decision you made. It was something we all wanted, something we all needed to keep going.
After all…what’s more contagious than hope?”

Now this is just fact that I love all things zombie apocalypse as well as all things romance and I always wanted zombie apocalypse novels that had romance in them (not between human and zombie lol but in an apocalypse setting with two humans ofc) and until this book, I didn’t think any existed because such less people like this too?? (Almost none.) The main character in the book was incredibly tough, i loved the romance between her and Hayden, the setting, the fact that a fully functioning camp was set up by marines, etc and just about everything else about this book. I’ve read more apocalypse themed romances after this and loved almost a lot of them but this will forever remain a personal favorite. (In case you can’t tell, i’m trying to promote apocalypse themed novels so more people will read them.)


“True love transcends logic, Freckles. It’s a blending of minds and souls.”

I don’t even have appropriate words to describe how much I love this series and Raine and Torin. Torin is my dream man, I love him so much. He’s literally perfect. (And a Valkyrie! Would you look at that?) And Raine? She’s adorable and I liked her from the very beginning. I absolutely adored Raine and Torin’s relationship. The cheesy moments, the banter, the fights, and everything else. The plot was super intriguing and had me hooked from the beginning and this was one of the books I instantly wish I could be apart of. Ah this made me wish I could be a valkyrie so bad and I don’t think I have VERY valid reasons to be obsessed with this book but I just am. It’s one of my very few YA comfort books that I always go back to and re-read all the time. It just genuinely makes me happy i guess and it’s been a long time since I read it and that hasn’t changed so many it never will? (I am re-reading this series at the moment too!)

I haven’t interacted much with my followers here so far and I’d love to get to know you guys (my dms are always open too on social media) so tell me about you! Where are you from, what type of books do you like, what type of content would you like to see on my blog? (Book recs, Rants, etc I’m open to almost everything!!)

4 thoughts on “It’s my birthday!! (Facts about me + Recs of books that will forever hold a special place in my heart)

  1. Aw yis, fellow black-colour lover. I’ve only ever worn a black tee for years now, and now I can’t see myself wearing any other colour. Anyway, a bit late here, but I’ll wish you happy birthday on July 2022!


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