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Mini Review + Aesthetics: The Crimson Countess by Brynn Myers (Blog Tour + Giveaway)

The Crimson Countess

Author: Brynn Myers

Genre: Adult Gothic Romance

Publishing Date: 5 June, 2021

When a god and a vampire queen desire you, things can get complicated.

Nola Blair is a free-spirited artist who’s been offered a hefty sum to create a unique piece for a party at Elizabeth Bathory’s ruined castle. It’s an assignment she declined––twice. However, at the behest of her sister and her best friend, she finally gave in, choosing her career over her annoyance with the misogynist ass trying to secure her services.

Erzsebet Bathory has been trapped for centuries and would do anything to escape, including using her own son, Paul, to do her bidding. Soon she’ll be free and take her place among the ferals as their queen.

Andrik Kane had no idea his life would change when he saved Nola from a band of rogue vampires. Charged with the hunting of ferals and their creators, one broken rule and the blood of a beautiful brunette in distress ends up giving him more than he ever bargained for.

One wants her blood, the other wants her to be his. Who will decide Nola’s fate?

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The Crimson Countess was an incredibly interesting read. As a lot of people might know, I love vampire themed things- books, movies, tv shows, the whole she-bang, but most of the ones I’ve seen/read are very very contemporary themed, like The Vampire Diaries, The Vampire Academy, etc. but this was so much more.

The book is a paranormal gothic romance and has vampires, romance, gods, drama, and even lots of mystery aspects to it. Nola Blair is a quirky artist who gets attacked by Rogue vampires, and Andrik Kane saves her from her situation. He feels an inexplicable pull towards her and she reminds him of someone he saw centuries ago and whom he made a promise to. For that reason alone, he breaks a rule he’d made long ago, and binds her to him to save her life. Of course, then we also have the evil vampire queen who’s been trapped in a painting for years. It wouldn’t be a good story without an evil queen now, would it?

The evil queen in this story is the recognized female serial killer, Elizabeth Báthory, but with a twist because she’s also a vampire. I love how the author engrained her into the story and her writing style was amazing, with a perfect blend between the contemporary and historical vibes. I loved Nola and the relationship between her, Quinn and Arianna.

I absolutely loved this book and everything about it. The writing, the characters, the dynamics, plot and everything else was just perfect. I haven’t enjoyed a vampire themed novel for a while now but this definitely brought me out of that rut and i thoroughly enjoyed it.

Mood Board//Aesthetics

About the Author

Brynn Myers is a paranormal romance author. After considering writing a hobby for years, she finally turned her passion and talent into a career. She came into the paranormal genre later than most but has always loved fairy-tales and all things magical. Using that love, she creates charmed worlds by writing stories involving passionate, strong willed characters with something to discover. Brynn lives with her family in Central Florida.

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Do you like Gothic Romance?? If given the chance, would you want to be a vampire or would you choose to remain human?

9 thoughts on “Mini Review + Aesthetics: The Crimson Countess by Brynn Myers (Blog Tour + Giveaway)

  1. Thank you for the wonderful post, so happy you enjoyed The Crimson Countess!!✨ That mood board fits the book so perfectly, loved that you added Chotski ❤


    1. 🥰 There were so many aesthetics that fit Erzsebet, I had such a hard time picking 😂 I knew I had to add Chotski since the moment he was introduced in chapter 2😌

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love this mood board! It’s perfect for The Crimson Countess. I’m thrilled you loved the book, too! Thank you for reading, reviewing, and posting this wicked cool post!


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