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Review and Mood Board: The Immortal Game by Talia Rothschild and A. C. Harvey (Blog Tour)

The Immortal Game

Author: Talia Rothschild and A. C. Harvey

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy

Publishing Date: May 25, 2021

Content Warning: Emotional abuse, battle scenes, up-close death

An exiled goddess goes on a quest to clear her name and save Mount Olympus in Talia Rothschild & A. C. Harvey’s action-packed young adult debut, The Immortal Game!Galene, daughter of Poseidon, desperately wants to earn her place among the gods. But when a violent attack leaves Mount Olympus in chaos and ruins, she is accused of the crime. Banished from Olympus, Galene sets out to prove her innocence and discovers a more deadly plot—one that threatens even the oldest of Immortals.

Fortunately, she has allies who willingly join her in exile:

A lifelong friend who commands the wind.
A defiant warrior with deadly skill.
A fire-wielder with a hero’s heart.
A mastermind who plays life like a game.

All-out war is knocking at the gates. Galene and her friends are the only ones who can tip the scales toward justice, but their choices could save Olympus from total annihilation, or be the doom of them all.

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The Immortal Game was an absolutely wonderful book inspired by Greek mythology.

In our story however, not all greek gods are immortal. There’s a trial you have to participate in, called the Immortal Trials where you prove your worth before you can be granted Immortality and are considered a true god/goddess. If you fail the trial, you can only take it again in 10 years.

Our MC, Galene, is one of Poseidon’s children and has prepared for the trial her entire life. During the trial, a violent attack occurs on Mount Olympus and Galene is blamed for it, after which she is exiled. She then goes on a journey with her friends to find the truth about the attack and prove her innocence.

We followed four Povs in this book and although Galene was my favourite amongst them all, with Kostas a close second, my favourite relationship was probably Galene and lyana. I loved the friendship they had and how much she loved Galene and would do anything for her. Galene and Kostas were also absolutely perfect and SO cute together.

The whole mystery behind the attack and Galene being blamed was so interesting, even if it was a little predictable (for me, anyway) and there was never a dull moment with them. I think that was because all of them were so different from each other, so it was always balanced and unique in each characters POV and their interactions with each other.

I really wish this wasn’t a standalone because I’d never get enough of these characters but the conclusion really satisfied and made me happy and since the authors came up with these perfect characters, I can’t wait to read their future books and the characters they introduce us to in them.

Mood Board

Another part of my stop on this tour is a mood board! I created with as many pictures as I could find that I believe represented the mood, the characters, the theme and just the book overall.

About the Authors

Talia Rothschild, Italian American, is passionate about stories in many forms—music, dance, photography, film and, of course, great novels. She believes in thick hot chocolate and creamer in your tea. When she’s not happily writing, she’s mothering the sweetest baby girl and making memories with her husband.

Website | Twitter | Instagram | Goodreads

Ashleigh Harvey is teaching high school physics and bringing her writing dreams to life. English-born and world-traveled, she loves filling her life with new adventures, such as visiting a new country or exploring the Wild West with her husband. She also finds escape in movies, music, literature, and yearly comic conventions. 

Website | Twitter | Instagram | Goodreads


One lucky winner will get a finished copy of The Immortal Game! The giveaway starts on 31st May and ends on 7th June. (Open to US only, sorry international friends! (That includes me!)

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The whole tour schedule can be found here! (This tour is hosted by TBRandBeyond Tours)

Who’s your favorite greek god/goddess, and why?

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