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Welcome to my Day by Raine Reiter- Guest Post (Takakush Blog Tour)

Today is my stop for the blog tour of Takakush by Raine Reiter and this is my first blog tour (yay!) I have a guest post for you written by Raine herself where she’ll tell us what a day in her life is like and it’s really interesting so I hope you enjoy reading it. Below the post, there’s more information and links for her book which released in late January of this year as well as a giveaway so keep scrolling for that! Takakush is the first book in the contemporary dark fantasy series Genus Magica where a family of priestess deal with normal life and fight monsters.

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Welcome to my Day

by Raine Reiter

I’m not a morning person, so if I don’t have an early morning meeting, I get up around 10am. My Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Luke get’s fed first, because he is the King, then I get dressed. I usually wear a giant hoodie with my book cover on the front, some leggings, and my pandemic slippers. You can’t do too much marketing, eh? 

For the last year, I’ve worked from home, so Luke and I slog to my office, a tiny house in the backyard. I turn up the heat and start up my Macs. One is for my day job and the other for my writing. I am a giant tech nerd.  

First thing, I check and responded to email and social media posts. Once a week, I queue up my social media posts on “Buffer”, build new content and tinker with my Amazon and Bookbub Ads. The business side of being an author is time consuming and I don’t know if it gets books out to readers. 

I decorated my office with crows, books, candles and my collection of witches. The one with the red hair in the upper righthand corner of the picture was the original inspiration for Elena, the protagonist of Takakush. Right now my office is a mess and everyday I threaten to clean up. But so far, the clutter is winning. 

Around noon, we eat lunch, and Lukie gets his special treat. He NEVER lets you forget it either. In the afternoon, I work on my “work in progress” (WIP), currently Genus Magica Book Two while Luke sleeps under the desk. Yesterday, I booked my cover artist, Kim Dingwall, because of her popularity, she only had one available slot for the rest of the year. Now I need to deliver a draft in the beginning of June. Ahh! That is OK, I can do it. Producing is easier when I have a forcing function. As a self-published writer at the beginning of my career, no one is pushing me to write, and it is so easy to get sucked into Tiktok. 

I finish up around 5PM, and make dinner. If I’m not teaching writing classes or attending critique group, I pretend to watch TV, which means falling asleep on the couch. After nine PM, my eyes fly open and I’m wide awake searching for action, science fiction, or fantasy movies to watch. I’ve easily seen all three Lord of the Rings a hundred times. I force myself to go to bed at 2am, and read until I fall to sleep.

“A fantastic tale that weaves a spell of ancient mysticism and modern charm.” –​Tim Marquitz, Author of the Demon Squad series, The Enemy of My Enemy series, and more

When Professor Elena Lukas returns to her cozy Pacific Northwest hometown with a broken heart, she’s plunged back into the fate she tried to escape. Like her mother and grandmother before her, Elena must now dedicate her life to a powerful ancient Lithuanian goddess. Although she is prepared to live as a priestess hiding in a contemporary tourist town, she arrives to find that a series of so-called animal attacks have terrorized her forest.

With the help of a handsome detective from the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Elena uses her expertise in invasive and endangered species to identify that these are no normal animal attacks. The woods are stalked by a dark, mystical creature bent on ravaging the area in an attempt to quell its insatiable hunger. When her little sister goes missing, Elena realizes that the beast can only be vanquished if she is brave enough to face it in-person, embrace her identity as a high priestess, and expose her powers to the man she is growing feelings for.





Raine Reiter weaves together an empowered, female-centered narrative with rich descriptions of nature and an ever-present sense of mystery. Her vivid, flowing prose takes readers of dark fantasy into a world that looks and feels real, while still evoking the enticing paranormal creativity shared by authors such as Richelle Mead and Kat Richardson.

A fifth generation Washingtonian, Raine lives in the gloomy Pacific Northwest and prowls the rainforest with her silly spaniel, Luke.






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