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Welcome to Shelf Love!

Hi! I’m Urvi, a 15-year-old book freak, as my about me page says!

I’m not a genuinely outspoken person so I’ve wanted to create my own blog for a while now since I love writing and I absolutely love books and can talk about them for hours on end so a book blog seemed like literally the perfect idea. (Also, you should know, ranting is kind of my thing! ;))

I also already have a VERY, VERY huge list prepared with the different types of posts I’ll be looking at so I don’t run out of ideas once I’ve started blogging frequently. Currently what I think most of my posts would fall under are :

  • Reviews of course. (what book blog wouldn’t have reviews??)
  • Bookish advice and tips
  • Book tags
  • My opinion on all things bookish
  • I’ll take some post requests too (on a bookish topic of your choice) but I can’t guarantee that I’ll do them all (but feel free to leave them in my inbox, anyway!)
  • Bookish lists
  • Anything else bookish that I like.

The way I’ve organized my blog is somewhat like this (so it’s easy for you to navigate):

  • The home page would time-to-time have the latest posts (once I start posting more of course) along with a bookie quote which I might change monthly or every 2 months.
  • Next, we have an about me page which (after days of random research) has some facts and things about me since I’ve heard that readers love learning about the bloggers they follow and I couldn’t agree more since I love reading personal posts and learning more about the bloggers that I love.
  • The Books I’ve Read page has a list of the books that I’ve read along with what my rating is for each book. If I post a review for a book, I’ll put the link there itself.
  • The Blog Page would obviously have the blog posts although I will add more pages later to make navigation easier.
  • Lastly, there’s the contact me page where you can leave your details and a message and I’ll get back to you whenever I can.

Something that I aim to do with this blog (I hope) is encouraging more people to read because… I mean, books are absolutely amazing, and at my age…not a lot of people read and that’s just sad!! How can people ever live without books??

I’ve wanted to create this blog for a while now and I’m really excited to finally do this, I hope you’ll stay and continue on my journey with me!

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